Blockchain and Bitcoin have impacted the agendas of “Innovation Teams” of most banks and financial institutions. We have helped a dozen of institutions to identify the value of Blockchain for some of the use cases they identified.

Identify the value of Blockchain to your firm !

A dozen of clients entrusted Finoryx because we always try to find the right answer to the real problems and not finding a potential problem where blockchain can be an answer....

Let's keep the following in mind : "Blockchain will NOT solve all your problems!"

We do believe that a Blockchain can potentially solve existing problems and it could increase operational efficiency, decrease operating costs, reduce duplication of data and harmonize workflows.

How we help

Some people affirm that a Blockchain can solve all your problems, but does it really apply to you ?
Forget the hype and focus on real value creation !

Finoryx is proposing to coach you and help you answering the following key questions:

- How to identify which issues to address?
- How to validate if a Blockchain is the right solution?
- Is there a business value in using that technology?
- How is the business process impacted?

All the ideas will be taken into account and we will make sure that the result of the funneling process will lead to value creation for your company !

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Why Finoryx ?

  • You can benefit from the agility of a startup combined with solid experience of consultants.
  • We want to talk business, not cryptography. Also, we keep the focus on processes, not on technology!
  • We want to work in a mutually beneficial partnership
  • And we have real experience in implementing Blockchain solutions
No dogmatism, just pragmatism!

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